Certificate Course in Digital Marketing (Certified by IAMAI)

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Certificate Course in Digital Marketing (Certified by IAMAI)

The Certificate Course in Digital Marketing helps you learn the practical aspects of using online marketing techniques. The course is certified by the Internet and Mobile Association of India(IAMAI).
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Estimated Study Time : 30 hours
Validity : 6 months
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What our customers say about the course...

“I really feel proud to thank EduKart because it helped me to procure two exciting job opportunities, one as a Social Media Strategist (Ripple Links, Bangalore) and as a Business Analyst (Lyca Mobile, Chennai). In one of my interviews I was asked to prepare a digital marketing campaign which was taught to me during the course. Thanks to EduKart, it was a cake walk for me. Even my final post-graduation project was concentrated on the Digital Marketing arena and it was a success. EduKart, not only understood my passion and aspirations but also motivated me to be strong enough to put them into reality. I feel overwhelmed when I look back at my decision of trusting EduKart.”
- Deepan Sidhu, PGDM (Telecom), Hyderabad

"I have completed my course in Digital Marketing from EduKart.com. I am totally satisfied with the course as it has helped me in knowing facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Twitter from a different perspective. I deliver online lectures to corporate as well as regular student of NMIMS Global Access Students. The course has helped to teach my Marketing Students the benefits of Online Marketing, Crawl, sponsored ad, generic search etc. I thank EduKart for the wonderful experience and for providing new horizons to not only my career but also to the career of my students."
- Deepak R. Gupta, Assistant Professor of Marketing and General Management, NMIMS Global Access, Mumbai

What is the Course?

The Online Course in Digital Marketing is a six month online course which leads to a Certification by Internet and Mobile Association of India and EKRE. The comprehensive certificate course in is offered by EduKart.com and certified by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). The course has been made with detailed inputs and feedback from current and former employees of Facebook, LinkedIn, inMobi, Paytm.Com, One97, HealthKart.com and more.

The course is a practical guide to use digital marketing to effectively reach out to your internet audience while building your brand and generating sales.

This course builds the understanding of the digital marketing and how to develop innovative strategies in displaying advertising, social media marketing, mobile and internet marketing, search engine optimization and marketing and website design to produce a higher response to your online marketing efforts. It also equips the participants with the basic understanding needed for practical digital marketing and sales as an entrepreneur or as a professional.

What is the importance of Certification?

Successful candidates will get certified by Internet and Mobile Association of India. IAMAI is the leading association of internet and mobile companies in India. It takes a leading role in the development of internet and mobile economy of India. They will also get an EduKart.com certification with EduKart Rating of Employability, which talks volumes about one's industry knowledge. This rating is easily accessible to the employers as well through EduKart.com whenever they would like to check the credentials of the participants during interviews. Therefore, participants can use the certification with employers across the country and across industries.

What is the Course Structure?

The Topics covered in brief in the Course in Digital Marketing are:

Digital Marketing Basics Banner/Display Advertising Understanding Various Social Media Platforms like Blogs and Forums
Website Development, Design and Content Mobile Advertising Introduction to E-Commerce
Understanding Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization Understanding Social Media Marketing with Twitter and You Tube Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords  
Understanding Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn    


What is the mode of examination?

There are continuous assessments throughout the course. Such assessments are in the form of quizzes or assignments & will encourage constant learning and self assessment. 4 Quizzes, 2 Assignments 1 Telephonic presentation at the end of the course. Course also includes small exercises.

What are the features of Online Course?

The course comes along with: 
- IAMAI Certification and Rating of Employability
- Unlimited telephonic doubt solving support
- CD of the course (if requested)
- Money back guarantee (not that you will ever want one!)

Career Graph

The successful participants are ready to be employed as marketing managers and associates where the role will include building and managing the digital marketing campaigns. You can find Digital Marketing jobs in any company which aims to promote its brand among consumers, or wants to reach out to its clients by using the internet and mobile. Target companies include ITC, Jet Airways, Max Life Insurance, Amazon, Kellogg's, Nestle.

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