Certificate Course in Programming Languages (Certified by CSI)

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Certificate Course in Programming Languages (Certified by CSI)

The course is a practical guide to understand the basics of PHP, C#.NET, JavaScript and VB.NET. The course is certified by the Computer Society of India (CSI).
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Estimated Study Time : 210 hours
Validity : 1 year

What is the course?

The EduKart Online Course in Programming Languages is a one-year online course which leads to a Certification by Computer Society of India and EKRE. The comprehensive certificate course in Programming Languages is offered by EduKart.com and certified by Computer Society of India (CSI). The course is a practical guide to understand the basics of PHP, C#.Net, JavaScript and Visual Basic. 

PHP - a versatile server-side programming language that is used for creating dynamic web interfaces. The course also introduces you to basic database creation and manipulation techniques using MySQL and PHP. Projects that are a part of this course will give you ample practice and experience in developing different types of PHP based applications.
C#.NET- a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.
JavaScript - create re-usable objects, create interactive applications, and manage the web page space. The course will also teach you how to add date and time; validate form elements before the contents are sent; check the details of a browser; set cookies; add simple games to a web page.
Visual Basic.NET - build the understanding of the basics of Visual Basic .Net. It lays emphasis on how to write your first code. Create your first project in Visual Basic.Net.

What is the importance of certification?

Successful candidates will get certified by CSI. CSI is the recognized association of the IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians of India. CSI works closely with industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure the progress of the IT industry. They will also get an EduKart.com certification with EKRE, which talks volumes about one's industry knowledge. This rating is easily accessible to the employers as well through EduKart.com whenever they would like to check the credentials of the participants during interviews. Therefore, participants can use the certification with employers across the country and across industries.

What is the Course Structure?

The Certificate Course in Programming Languages covers PHP, VB.NET, C Sharp.NET and Javascript. The topics of each specific course is mentioned below.

The Topics in PHP course are:

An Introduction to PHP Getting Started with Variables Conditional Logic Working with HTML Forms
Programming Loops Arrays in PHP String Manipulation Create Your Own Functions
Security Issues Working with Files in PHP PHP and MySQL Manipulate a MySQL Database
Project 1: User Authentication Project 2: Create a SurveyPoll Application Project 3: Build an Online Forum The Database Project 4: Forum Code

The Topics in C Sharp.NET course are:

Visual C#.NET Programming C#.NET Variables Conditional Logic C#.NET Loops
Add Menus to your Forms Debugging your Applications C# Methods Understanding Arrays
String Manipulation in C#.NET C#.NET Events Classes and Objects in C#.NET Manipulating Files
C#.NET: Databases C#.NET: Multiple Forms C#.NET: Graphics Create a Class Library in C#.NET

The Topics in Visual Basic.NET course are:

Visual Basic.NET Getting started Adding menus to forms Working with Text Files Visual Basic.NET and Databases
Write Your First .NET Code Debugging your code Functions and Subs Visual Basic.NET and Forms
Conditional Logic Mastering Array Events Loops
String Manipulation Classes and Objects    

The Topics in JavaScript course are:

Introduction to JavaScript Delving Deeper into JavaScript JavaScript Events
String Manipulation Functions and Forms  

What is the mode of Examination?

There are continuous assessments throughout the course. Such assessments are in the form of quizzes or assignments & will encourage constant learning and self assessment. 17 Quizzes, 10 Assignments and 4 Telephonic presentations at the end of the course. Course also includes small exercises and projects.

What are the features of EduKart Online Course?


The course comes along with: 
- CSI Certification and Rating of Employability
- Unlimited telephonic doubt solving support
- CD of the course (if requested)
- Money back guarantee (not that you will ever want one!)

Career Graph

The successful participants can apply for a career in software programming, web development or mobile programming and entry level jobs in the IT/ITeS sector.
Target Companies include Infosys, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Cognizant and more.

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